CollegePrints Campus Ambassadors are our collegiate lifeline -- their goal is simple -- to have fun and meet new people while connecting CollegePrints with their organization and campus. Our CP Campus Ambassador program gives college students the opportunity to expand their network, earn cash flow, connect with other students nationwide, and gain useful work experience.

Top reasons to become a Campus Ambassador


Use this position to connect and build relationships with students on your campus and nationwide.


Get paid for helping your organization create the best custom design apparel.


We will work with your school schedule to ensure you are able to succeed in your ambassador role.


Through this experience, we will help you hone your strengths and develop your weaknesses.

CP Ambassadors

Kiana Sarad

Cal Poly Pomona

Allie Nelson

Cal Poly Pomona

Alan Faulks

University of California, San Diego

Kristina Lara

California State University, Long Beach

Eran Bechor

San Diego State University

Jane Moussa

University of California, Riverside

Allie Casas

University of California, Riverside

Frankie Sherwood

California State University, Sacramento

Franky Baca

Santa Monica College

Isaiah Garcia

San Jose State University

Adlemi Hernandez

University of California, Riverside

Naomie Hazan

University of California, Irvine

Gabi Landes

Los Angeles, CA